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Get 1000 Subs on Youtube Fast

The 14 things I wish I knew from day one

tip One

1. Forget Monologues Learn to Cut.

Instead of trying to nail a 3 minute monologue. Just keep talking, when you trip up simply repeat the sentence from the start. 

You can just cover up these mistakes with b-roll (stock footage) or smooth transitions.

Nobody cares about slight errors, they do care if you meanande through a monologue trying to gather your thoughts every 10 seconds.

There should be no dead air and minimal ummms and ahhhs.

Learn to cut your videos. Capcut is free and easy to do this.

tip Two

2: Volume is Key (100+ Videos)

"All you need to do is make 100 videos and improve something every time. Then on your 101st video we'll start talking about maybe you can get some views.”

Mr. Beast says don’t expect results until you have 100 videos up.

I agree for 4 reasons:

  • A lot of feedback,
  • Natural improvement
  • Analytics
  • Youtube helps us find our audience
It took me 104 videos to reach 1000 subs. You might have better results, either way you will learn a lot and improve drastically in front of camera.

tip Three

3. If Something Hits, Do It Again.

My first video was Twitter growth as I just hit 1000 follows as I started my channel and thought I’d share my experience and tips. 

The video was my biggest performer with 12,000 views, it was also one of my earliest so had time to grow.

So I did two more of them.

The second is currently at about 11,000

The third and most recent is currently at 3100

If something works, keep doing it until it stops working.

tip four

4. Shorts First Then Long Form

"You don't need to bother with tags or SEO descriptions for shorts. Just a few hashtags will do.""

To get subs fast and to find out what long-form might perform well, do short form daily.

Use it as a testing ground. Nail the first 5 seconds with a powerful hook and title. Nothing else matters. 

You don’t need to bother with tags or SEO descriptions for shorts. Just a few hashtags will do.

To get watch time and subs long-term, do long form.

Long-form is the gift that keeps giving.

To find out fast what long from your audience might like you can first launch a bunch of shorts. Once you have data to work with go to:

Youtube Studio – Analytics – Research

This will show you what your viewers are already watching as opposed to guessing. With shorts being so easy to make you can throw out a bunch of topics and see what lands.

tip five

5. Pin a Fancy Link Everywhere

Add the following to the end of the URL link to your channel


Here’s an example, just add your own username.

The will give them a pop up box to subscribe. (Image below)

When you post a video, add a CTA with this link in you pinned comment, video and if you post the video to other social platforms.


tip six

6. Add a CTA Watermark​

Add a watermark for your videos, it will display as CTA when the viewer hovers over it

Go to Youtube Studio – Customisation – Branding

You can then add a square image that you can make in Canva with the word “Click to Subscribe” 

This watermark will be displayed in the bottom right of all your videos.

If somebody clicks it they will be presented with an option to subscribe.

Navigate to Youtube Studio - Customisation - Branding
You will get a subscribe button on all your Youtube videos

tip seven

7. Don't Do Intros. Nobody Cares

You want get right into the value right away. Start by telling them what they’re going to achieve or get if the stick around.

On Short form the first 5 seconds in the most important. Youtube added a new feature to the analytics that shows how many people stayed to watch and how many left. 

If you pass 50 you should get a decent amount of views (from my experience)

Get below that and the video will go nowhere.

In long form it’s the first 30 seconds we need to optimize for.

Give a strong hook, early win and focus most of your editing time in these windows.

tip eight

8. You need captions ​

You need captions in shorts to retain attention, it’s also becoming common to add them where needed in your long form.

Luckily theres many simple ways of adding them and getting creative.

Here’s a tutorial using Capcut. You can also use an app like descript to get Karaoke-styled captions.

tip nine

9. Retention and Attention Trick

If you want to know if your video is going to hold attention.

Do these 2 things.

Watch without sound and see when you get bored.

Listen to it without looking and see when you get bored.

Aim to optimize both.

tip ten

10. Negative Hooks Work Better

Negative hooks perform better that positive ones “Why your business will fail” is better than “How to succeed in business” we’re wired this way.

tip Eleven

11. Install VidIQ is a great app even on the free version. You can search for long tail keywords in your niche and try to rank for the terms.

You can also use the chrome extension to spy on your competitors channel and video tags. This will give you and idea of what keywords they’re targeting.

Channel and video tags will show up on any video you watch with the chrome extension turned on

tip twelve

12. Spy On Competition todo

Browse to any channel in your niche.

Click either videos or shorts if they have any.

Next sort by popular and you will see al their best performers.

This is a great way of finding what content resonates in your niche.

tip Thirteen

13. Content Ideas with AI

Once you have a few videos down, you can pull your transcripts and have AI give you idea for both long and short form in your own voicing.

tip fourteen

14. Chase Trends

This was the most unnatural part for me. I prefer focussing on fundementals and evergreen content so I can get the long term benefit.

However with video, if theres a hot trend in your space, like AI right now, then jump in.

I resisted for a long time, but once I started tying AI videos into topics in my niche, I started to get a lot of easy traction with them.

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