7 Days to freedom

For anybody who wants to turn knowledge into money: Get clarity on your offer, positioning & find your audience

Create visuals of each day, product box & pack + who’s this for?

You will also get weekly marketing & sales ideas to aquire your first 100 customers and beyond. Let’s build & grow online businesses that sets you free

get paid to Teach what you love

at scale

⚡A 5 week program to take control of your future and work for yourself online

⚡Sell your expertise with online courses, digital products & organic traffic

⚡Proven frameworks to sell your course organically, zero ads needed

⚡Pre-sell and validate your offers before you  create them

Zero fluff or guru BS. 100% practical & actionable. Take action, get the results

Week 1 [The Fundementals]

Use my templates. Design your brand & build a site like this one, based on your niche. 

Week 2 [Evergreen Traffic system]

Content stratagies to build and audience for the long term without ad spend

Weeks 3 [Build Digital Products]

Get clear on your product & audience. Build, create and launch your course or workshop from scratch

Week 4 [Organic Students]

Content frameworks for social, email & google to find students, without ads

Week 5 [Newsletter]

Maintain a direct relationship with followers by building our community

FYI: If you're not in for a year, then you're in the wrong place.

Clarity & Planning

Figuring out exactly what to teach first. Get crystal clear on what to teach & finding your ideal customers. Validate ideas, audience, products, outline courses, worksheets. Learn all the techy stuff you need to know to make it a long term success.​​

Building Your Authority Hub

We focus on brand, blog, website & organic social traffic. You will learn to build a website exactly like this one, a long term asset at the core of your Authority Hub, all students & followers lead back here.

Direct 1 on 1 Support

I'm here with you each step of the way, if you get lost or stuck at any point, you will be able to contact me direct and I'll be happy to help you out or clear stuff up!

Find Your First 100+ Students

Content Creation, Audience & Audience Building. Build our web of social media organic traffic frameworks to find students, without ads to direct to your authority hub. You will also learn content creation and distribution frameworks so you can grow for years to come.

Creating Your Flagship Course Offer

You'll learn exactly how to create your course from the ground up, from all the tools and trick of the trade to get a top level production with a shoestring budget and in record time!

Money Back Guarantee, Zero Questions

If for any reason you change your mind, you can request a refund within 7 days of joining guarantee, no questions asked.

All Access


Actionable Video Guides & Direct Support 

+ 5 Week workshop to learn the evergreen skills that unlock a life of freedom.

+ Constantly updated with the latest strategies & private group membership 

+ Build, Design & Launch Your Website, Blog, and Community

+ Validate, Create and Launch your course on your own Authority Hub

+ Niche, Product & Audience Validation

+ Direct support from me along the way and continuous updates

+ Advanced marketing strategies for zero ads & more students, Worksheets, content stratagies, organic marketing frameworks.

+ Done For You, Design, Marketing, Outreach & Website Templates

Turn your skills & knowledge into a digital, scalable personal brand that you control

You Got Questions? I'm Here

No, so much is covered that you will find a massive amount of value even if you already have a course or personal website.

Not at all, you are walked through everything step by step and I’m here to help when you need it. Its important to know how to do the things that you will learn even if you’re only interesting in teaching guitar and don’t care about designing logos, sites or writing blogs.

You will need these skills to make it as a successful online brand for the long term.

I’ve kept extra costs down.  Course hosting platforms can get pricy. We avoid those costs until we have customers.

I always try include multiple solutions for each problem, as people are in different situations.

In saying that, some expenses are essential, like your website domain name, this can cost about $15 a year, and your website/email hosting can cost about $3-5 per month. 

You’ll need a mic and camera too, nothing fancy is required,

You can start with a phone camera & a $20 lapel mic. When starting out I sold thousands of dollars of courses with this setup and quality was never a problem.

Everything else, I’ve figured out the free trial alternatives and websites we can us to get going without spending more.

You might just have imposter syndrome 🙂 Message me and we will discuss what you can offer.

How much would you pay to go back and teach your younger self what you know now? I’m guessing a lot.

You can do that now for somebody a few years behind you on the journey. There’s massive value in that

DM me on social or email me at Hi@DaveGeoghegan.com and we will chat to see how we can turn what you know into an offer

It’s a massive micsonception that you can only make courses if you help people increase their economic value, the truth is, if you can bridge a knowledge gap and get somebody from point A-B in a shorter time, it’s valuable and people will want to pay you for it.

Go all in on yourself

At some stage you need to take a chance on yourself, not just dabble, but go all in. If you’ve a strong work ethic, then stop building somebody else’s business and start getting rewarded for your real value. You will learn all the skills and have all the support you need to make this a long term success.

Free Solopreneur Growth Frameworks

Each Saturday morning, get 1 actionable organic traffic, content creation or growth tip help make your solopreneur business better than ramen profitable

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